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Making History

We are a roof repair company.
In the roofing renovation process, the customer is not able to see the roof directly because it is located at a high place.
Therefore, it is necessary for us to take detailed photos and leave evidence of whether the roofing tarpaulin has enough overlap and whether the appropriate roofing substrate has been used.
However, even if there are only photos, the layman's eye has no idea what is going on in the photos.
In addition to taking photos, it is necessary to write explanatory text for each photo of the construction process.
Is there any software that can easily document the text and photos?
We searched high and low.
However, we could not find any software that was easy for us to use.
So we decided to make our own.
At first, we thought it would be our own solution.
However, when we actually made it, it turned out to be much better than we expected.
I think this software is very valuable for construction workers who work long hours.
Furthermore, I believe that it can be used not only in the construction industry, but also in various other situations.
We want more people to use it, so we decided to make most of it available for free.
As the number of users increases, and as we receive more feedback and requests, we will make improvements and updates.
Sharaku" allows users to easily write comments on photos they have taken.
This is a digital solution that a roof repair company took on.
Please give it a try!

Please do

This web service, "SHARAKU", has just been launched.
It's not good enough.
However, our main business is roofing, so we can hardly spend time on SHARAKU.
The only way we can keep SHARAKU and update it to make it better is to increase the number of users.
If you find Sharaku useful, please introduce it to your colleagues, friends, and family.
Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc. are all welcome.
We'd love to hear from you.

Developer Profile


Managing Director, Showa Rooflimo Co.
Belongs to a company that performs over 1,000 metal roofing and metal siding projects annually.
He has made it his mission to thoroughly investigate roof and exterior wall problems and solutions by visiting job sites.
Created "Teigaku", an on-demand media for roof and exterior wall remodeling work.
Developed "Sharaku" as a solution to improve the work of construction management employees involved in the field.


He is an engineer at Showa Rooflimo Co.
Responsible for all implementations of WordPress themes and SHARAKU.


Designer of "Sharaku", in charge of UI and UX.
Part-time housewife.