First, from Google Web Store
Download SHARAKU

Take photos with your phone and stock them in Google Photos or Google Drive.
Download "SHARAKU" as an extension for Google Chrome and link it to your Google account.
Set the paper size (A4, letter size, etc.), drag and drop the photos you took onto the paper, and input text on the paper.

This is the best!
Create a template for your own documents

Documents that you have created by yourself by arranging photos and text can be named and made into templates on SHARAKU!
You can not only save your original documents as they are, but also
What! Not only can you save your original documents as they are, but you can also save the text and headings as they are and convert them into templates!
You can easily reuse your "usual" photo documents!

I want to create a document with a different photo and slightly different text, but it's too much work to create a document from scratch.


With SHARAKU, you can pull up photos from Google Photos and Google Drive, and rewrite text with ease.

By using SHARAKU to create a template with the photo positions and text of the document you created, you can easily reuse the same document again.
This eliminates the need to create documents with the same structure again.

Case Study

Explanatory materials with photos are
useful in the following situations

Construction photos

Easily create paper-based construction process documents based on photo insertion and text input.